1. All Repairs Come With 1 Month Of Checking Warranty (No Physical Or Water Damage) Physical Damage Also Includes Internal Screen Damage That Is Not Visible. Phone Accessories Do Not Fall In This Warranty Category.
  2. If The Device Is Not In Operational Condition, There Will Be No Estimated Amount Given To Customer. After Diagnosis We Will Inform The Customer About The Charges. If The Customer Doesn’t Wishes To Fix The Device, Still Will Be Liable To Pay The Diagnostic Price. $30 For Cellphone / $40 For Pc/Laptop.
  3. Customers Are Responsible To Backup Their Personal Data Before Giving The Phone And Are Responsible For Any Loss Of Data During Repair.
  4. Customer Understands And Agrees That During Critical Motherboard Repairs, Due To High Damage There Is A Rare Risk For The Motherboard To Malfunction And Can Also Result In A Part Failure Or Rarely In A Phone That Is In Unusable Condition.
  5. Devices That Are Repaired Need To Be Picked Up Within (15 Days Unless Informed) As The Store Will Not Be Responsible For The Devices If Not Picked Up In 30 Days.
  6. We Require Password From Customers In Order To Check The Functionality Of The Device, However We Highly Respect Your Personal Information And Make Sure That Your Data Is Safe And Your Privacy Doesn’t Get Tempered.
  7. With new software updates any parts replaced on apple iPhones devices such as (Battery, LCD, Camera or charging port) may show a “non genuine part” prompt and will not show the battery health after replacement. But this doesn’t means that the battery or LCD has any  issue . The battery or lcd or any replacement part will work as efficiently as a genuine one. 


The price estimate given to customer can change if we find any other issues with the device and the lead time to fix the device given to customer can also change due to unforeseen circumstances