There is a famous quote, “man makes the machine, and the machine can often be more human than the man himself.” We all make mistakes. It is the reason why machines are subject to errors. Even though the iPhone has made life simpler, you may face issues. Here, we’ve gathered a few of the most common iPhone problems. The good news is that Tech repair guys/MobiPC Wireless is here to help with a cost-effective and practical answer.

1. Having a Cracked or Scratched Screen

‘Black Mirror may be the best horror show, but the scariest part is the reflection of your face on the broken screen. A broken screen is one of the most common iPhone problems. What you find when you search for repair prices is arguably even more terrifying. Is there anything more important than your phone? Screen replacement and repairs are reasonably priced at Tech repair guys/MobiPC Wireless. We never substitute fake components for real ones. At our store, you can get all your cell phone accessories under one roof.

2. Low Battery Life / Overheating Device

Make sure your iPhone isn’t on overloaded. There are some steps you can follow. If you don’t need to use your phone, you can turn off automatic downloads, push notifications, and cellular data. It would help if you turned down the screen’s brightness, disabled location, and other features that drain batter faster. When everything fails, and you know you’ve tried everything, it’s time to get a new battery for your Tech repair guys/MobiPC Wireless.

3. Issues with the Buttons

Problems with the buttons frequently occur in modern smartphones. iPhone is not different. If you think you cannot afford a repair, you can put your phone on vibration. However, you can miss some important calls. You can mark it as one of the most common iPhone problems. Tech repair guys/MobiPC Wireless is equipped to fix the problem quickly. It’s a natural catastrophe.

4. As a Result of Water Damage

With an IP68 rating, the iPhone is water and dust-resistant device. You get no replacement protection from Apple Care besides having the standard one-year warranty. Your iPhone should be dried off with a towel and turned off if you discover it has been submerged in water. Wet circuits should not be allowed to operate. If nothing works, Tech repair guys/MobiPC Wireless Wireless offers low-cost, dependable repairs.

5. Sudden App Closures

Being considered another one of the common iPhone problems, sudden app closures can be hectic. You can try re-launching the app or restarting your iPhone if you encounter unexpected freezing or closing of programs. If the issue remains after updating to the newest version of the app from the App Store, ensure that the app was installed correctly. Finally, check to see if the app works with your device. Take your iPhone to the nearest Tech repair guys/MobiPC Wireless centre for an evaluation.

6. Charging Issue

Rather than a safety pin, a blunt paper clip can be used to access the charging port and remove any dust or debris that may have become caught there. If that doesn’t work, ensure your charging wire is intact and strong. Many users use a generic cable to avoid spending too much money on iPhone repair. Avoid doing it at all costs. You’ll only cause more damage to the gadget. At Tech repair guys/MobiPC Wireless, you get the right solution at affordable prices.

7. Issues with the Sensors

The proximity sensor may be broken if you find your ear tapping on random buttons and disrupting your call. How quickly you try to hold the phone to your ear doesn’t matter, and you could accidentally play an embarrassing voice note. It’s either a software problem or a manufacturing error, so don’t rush out and replace the screen just yet. Take your phone to Tech repair guys/MobiPC Wireless, and let a professional look into this matter.

Now that you know the most common iPhone problems, it is time to act fast, as we know prevention is better than cure. Visit our mobile phone repair shop in Brampton and Georgetown to fix your iPhone problems.

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